Yoni Egg FAQs

yoni egg faqs
  1. Why Are Some Yoni Eggs Drilled?

Yoni or jade eggs come either drilled or undrilled. If you order an undrilled egg, you should be able to expel it quickly without pushing it in further or hurting yourself. It is therefore advisable that you do plenty of research on how to use one such egg before ordering it.

Drilled eggs come with small holes where the user can attach a string. This is supposed to make it easier to remove, just like a tampon. Most users, however, prefer getting undrilled eggs as they are easier to clean. 

If you choose a drilled egg, it is recommendable to use unwaxed dental floss as it is easier to use, dispose and also more hygienic compared to fabric strings such as cotton.

undrilled yoni egg image
Natural Undrilled Yoni Egg Sets
  1. How Should I Clean the Yoni Egg?

Cleaning your yoni egg is relatively easy as long as it does not arrive with cracks on the exterior. These not only collect dirt and bacteria but may also hurt you, so you must inspect your egg thoroughly after shipping and return it if it has any cracks in the exterior.

.The easiest way to clean the yoni egg is by washing it with warm water and unscented soap. Do it twice and air-dry before using it. If you need the clean to be more thorough, sanitize it by dousing with vodka or other hard alcohols.

DO NOT BOIL THE EGG – it will crack, especially if it is a natural gemstone egg.

  1. Can the Yoni Egg Get Lost Inside or Get Stuck?

No, the yoni egg can not get lost inside you and rarely gets stuck. Here’s the thing: The egg size does not allow it to go past the cervix. This means that it will stay there until you expel it.

Vaginal muscles contract automatically when you are under stress, and this may make it seem like the egg is stuck. The best thing to do is relax (it is not going anywhere past the cervix, remember). Squat and push just a bit, and it will come out very quickly. If you are worried about this, just get a drilled egg and tie a string to it so you can pull it out easily.

  1. How Long Should It Stay In?

You can leave the egg in for as long as you want, but you will find that the egg falls out after some time. While some women put it right back in, you should keep in mind that wearing it for long periods seems to work less compared to wearing for shorter periods but often. If you go for hours, you may over-exercise your pelvic muscles, and you may even start getting sore. The best advice will often come from your gynaecologist, even though some manufacturers may include instructions.

  1. What Is the Right Size For Me?

The right size for you will depend on several factors, including your age, size and if you’ve recently given birth.

Mostly, women above 50 years, those with relatively bigger bodies and those who have recently given birth will need bigger eggs, and can safely use the large sizes. Petite women will find small sizes to be a better fit. Generally, most women prefer medium size eggs. It’s all about your comfort, and it is recommendable to start with smaller sizes and gradually size down.

yoni egg set sizes
yoni eggs come in roughly the sizes as above
  1. How Do I remove the Yoni Egg Without a String?

Yoni eggs usually come out quickly on their own. You can easily expel it by pushing it out. It is advisable that you squat and gently contract your pelvic muscles to remove it. You can use some extra lubrication such as coconut oil to help it slide out. Remember that relaxing is the crucial thing to do as tension may make your muscles tighter and ultimately make it harder for you to remove it.

  1. Can I Work Out With The Yoni Egg in Place?

To the best of our knowledge, your yoni egg should not impact your normal exercise routine. As long as it is worn properly for the correct period, you should not even be able to feel it.

  1. Can I Use the Yoni Egg when Pregnant?

It is not advisable to use a yoni egg when pregnant, and your doctor will probably advise you strongly against it too. The uterus is very sensitive during pregnancy, and you should not encourage any activity of muscle and tissue movements that may rattle it up. Instead, wait a few months after giving birth, and when you have healed well enough, get back to your routine. In case, it may be a little counterproductive seeing as childbirth will probably reset your pelvic muscles to their previous condition before your yoni egg exercise.

  1. Should I Use the Yoni Egg when On My Periods?

Yes, you can, BUT no, you shouldn’t. Besides the mess you’ll have to handle, the yoni egg will block your period flow, and you may have to deal with leaks and other similarly unpleasant problems.

Some women experience vaginal and cervical contractions along with the normal period cramps, and adding a yoni egg in the mix may only make it worse. You can think of your period days as a little break from your yoni egg routine.

yoni egg use
  1. Can I Use The Yoni Egg with an IUD?

If you have an IUD, it would be best to steer clear of the yoni egg. A yoni egg with a string can easily get tangled with that of the IUD and expel it or move it when removing the egg. The egg movements may also push the contraception out of place and even cause painful tears in the uterus. Generally, a combination of the two is almost certainly bound to end up in a disaster. We therefore strongly advise against it.