The Yoni Egg Guide

The yoni egg guide

Women all over the world are becoming increasingly conscious about their bodies, particularly their sexual health. Much has been said about keeping your body feminine, healthy, and beautiful, but very little has gone to actuality. That being the case, the market is flooded with thousands of feminine hygiene products that promise to transform your sexual life overnight. Still, as many women all over the world can testify, it’s all applesauce, even in the long run. In recent years, however, the yoni egg has gained some popularity, and it is giving other sexual wellness products a run for their money. Let’s see what all the hype is about.

What Exactly is a Yoni Egg?

Well, it’s not a literal egg. Essentially, a yoni egg is an egg-shaped rock or stone that is thoroughly polished. It has a very smooth surface and sometimes may be decorated with anything from flower paintings to little soft bumps or studs.

As you may have figured out by now,  the yoni is your vagina. The names change depending on who you are talking to and where they come from. For some reason, it all came down to yoni, maybe because the word in Sanskrit refers to the female genitalia and associates it with sacredness.

The yoni egg is inserted in the vagina and held in place anywhere between minutes to hours.

Historical Roots

Where did this even come from? Well, the yoni egg has apparently been tracked down to ancient civilizations, particularly, the old Chinese empires. In those ages, the yoni egg was the in-thing and every woman worth the mention from empresses to concubines all had one in their..well..yonis. It was believed to bring about the ultimate physical and spiritual rejuvenation with purported benefits ranging from more enjoyable sex to better healing after childbirth.

It is believed that the yoni egg has been kept secret over the years and used only by chosen Taoist faithful and select individuals held as members of the royal family.

The yoni egg is also known as the jade egg because most of the eggs are made from jade. Other minerals that may be used include quartz, onyx, amethyst and obsidian.

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How to Use a Yoni Egg

Before getting one, it is recommendable that you visit your gynaecologist and have them clear you to use yoni egg sets. It may not be safe or even enjoyable if you have a special condition, say, you are just healing from childbirth or infection. This egg is not exactly prescribable, so the best thing to do would be to get a go-ahead from your doctor before trying it out.

Using the yoni is reasonably simple. You only have to insert the egg in your vagina and hold it in place anywhere from a few minutes to overnight. It is not supposed to fall out. It should be easy to remove by pulling out. Some manufacturers drill a small hole and attach a string to make it easier to pull it out, just like a tampon.

Duration of Use

Ideally, it would be best if you started with a few minutes every day then gradually add more time until you can have it in place comfortably overnight. Each product, however, should come with detailed instructions and recommended usage periods for the best results. It is important to consider your comfort and not go too hard at the beginning.

The results are supposed to be felt after a while. The manufacturer should also include such expected timelines as all yoni eggs are not the same.

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Benefits of the Yoni Egg

Before delving deeper into the benefits of the yoni egg, it is worth pointing out that there is currently no scientific research that can give solid proof of the purported benefits of the yoni egg. These can, therefore, not be held as facts. The benefits are gathered from what users are saying and also from the supposed historical links made to civilizations.

The benefits to be realized from using a yoni egg include:


According to sellers, inserting the egg into the vagina prompts the body to do Kegels involuntarily. With time, these help to strengthen the pelvic floor and muscles. The result is a firmer grip during penetrative sex which, for most people, means a more enjoyable sexual experience with more intense orgasms. Other benefits of a stronger pelvic floor include:

  1. Reduced signs of incontinence
  2. Reduced symptoms and risks of uterine problems such as a prolapse
  3. Faster healing after childbirth


If you believe in the power of yoga, healing crystals and related faiths, then you’ll be happy to know that the yoni egg may also elevate you on that front.

It has been said that the yoni egg helps to strengthen your spiritual centre of pleasure and sexual joy. In this regard, it should help you renew your sexual wellness, including your womb space and the vulva.


Sellers have claimed that the yoni egg can increase lubrication in women of all ages, making sex more enjoyable. This may make it a perfect solution for women who have trouble getting sufficiently prepared for sex.

It also said that the egg increases the desire for sex and makes the woman more sensitive during intercourse. This should help renew the user’s sexual life.

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which one is right for you?


The yoni egg is believed to harbour a variety of both physical and spiritual benefits for the user. While there is no scientific research to prove that it is actually effective, or that it was actually used in ancient civilizations, thousands of women across the world have sworn by it. The best way to find would be to use it yourself. While you are at it, keep your health and safety in consideration to avoid causing more harm than good. In that regard, we advise that you get your doctor or gynaecologist’s go-ahead before using it.

Above all, keep an open mind!