As we source the most competitive products for you from international and local suppliers, we get direct factory deals shipped straight to you from the relevant supplier. As such, you may receive a few parcels from different suppliers if you order more items as it may be coming from a few different suppliers. 

You can get the latest products at discounted rates from our international suppliers because of our partner arrangements. We have taken the retail prices away and can provide wholesale prices to you. So you will get good quality items for prices normally only offered when bulk buying or wholesale buying. Accordingly, shipping times vary from 14-45 days depending on your location. Due to COVID delays are to be expected with fewer flights and more requirements at customs. Please keep this in mind when ordering and tracking details may take time to update etc, as the whole courier infrastructure is under higher demand at the moment. However, we have great reviews from our products and you will be pleasantly surprised upon receiving them.

If you have any questions or need updates on shipping, please check the tracking in your order email or contact