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Gua Sha Face massagers are revolutionary tools which can provide great health benefits such as increasing blood circulation, skin tightness and help relax muscles and tissues.

These natural tool sets are used for several purposes. They can be used for alleviating muscle and joint pain from musculoskeletal disorders, aches and sports injuries. Not to be replaced with medical advice, these tools can aid in the repair of tender tissues, tendon strain, back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome. Practitioners claim that gua sha tool sets can also benefit the immune system with frequent use and reduce inflammation.

All You Need to Know about The Gua Sha Face Massager The beauty industry progresses every day, and with every need comes a better and more convenient way of satisfying it. Not surprisingly, most of the newest trends in the beauty industry are re-invented from traditions that were practised in ancient communities. The Gua Sha face massager is just about the latest trend and is sweeping across the globe for its numerous benefits. If you are just now hearing about it, don’t worry. This article outlines all you need to know about the Gua Sha massage tool and its benefits. WHAT IS GUA SHA? Gua and Sha are two Chinese words which, when directly translated mean scrape sand. It refers to a traditional massage technique that involves rubbing a crystal, usually a jade stone or rose quartz against the skin in an upward motion. It helps to soothe tense muscles and improve lymphatic and tissue drainage. The technique stems from traditional Asian communities, notably in Chinese medicine. It was (still is) widely practised for its numerous benefits such as toning the skin, reducing inflammation and boosting the levels of collagen in the skin tissue. HOW DOES THE GUA SHA MASSAGE WORK? The Gua Sha facial massage routine involves using a rock (jade or rose quartz) that is cut with high precision to fit the contours of the face at precise angles. The tool is then used to scrape the skin in an upwards motion gently. The massage tool produces a small amount of friction that activate the skin to increase blood flow and circulation in that particular area. The results are seen in the numerous benefits associated with the tool from reduced inflammation and puffiness to more relaxed muscles. It is not exactly a glorious process. The rock has a slightly rough surface (it is necessary to produce friction) which, as you can imagine, will literally scrape your skin and leave you with bruises. You can also expect to feel some irritation and slight redness, but it goes away quickly and never leads to anything serious. If testimonies from people who have had the procedure done on them are anything to go by, you will enjoy the results so much that you probably won’t notice any of that. BENEFITS OF THE GUA SHA MASSAGE TOOL Relaxing Your Muscles When you get stressed, your body may react to it by tensing up. Your muscles become tight, and you become stiff. Some of this stiffness gathers with time until you start experiencing muscle pains in places like your neck and back. The Gua Sha massage tool improves blood circulation in such areas and breaks any adhesive bond between muscles that may be causing such stiffness. As a result, your body gets better blood circulation, and you feel more relaxed. If you are feeling all tense, make a point of using this tool, and you can thank us later for saving you tones of wrinkles, headaches and even toothaches. Reduced Skin Puffiness Apart from the circulatory system, we have an extra one called the lymphatic system. It works along the circulatory system to help transport essential nutrients and disease-fighting white blood cells to parts of the body where they are needed and remove waste material such as damaged cells and excess fluids. The lymphatic system, however, does not have anything to push it the way the heart pumps blood. Its ability to work is determined by factors such as how much you move and your respiratory rates. Sometimes, the lymphatic system does not work well because of factors such as poor lifestyle habits and inadequate sleep. As a result, fluid and waste accumulate in the body tissues and result in puffiness. The Gua Sha massage procedure helps to stimulate the lymphatic system by working the facial muscles. The excess fluid starts to drain faster, and the result is a significant reduction in puffiness. A More Radiant Skin The Gua Sha massager improves blood circulation in the skin, which means that the tissue is well nourished with necessary nutrients and oxygen. It also enhances the removal of waste. This allows the skin to glow and flourish, as long as other sanitary measures such as frequent cleaning are practised too. With time, you will notice less hyperpigmentation and breakouts on the skin, as well as a significant reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. You get a more youthful look but just rubbing a rock over your face. How amazing is that? IS IT SAFE FOR EVERYONE? It is worth noting that there are very few scientific studies (if any do exist) to back the purported benefits of Gua Sha. No research has been published yet to prove that it actually helps with collagen production and wrinkles. If performed with careful pressure levels, it should be safe for most people. If too much pressure is applied, it could brutally injure the skin and even cause scarring. You should, therefore, only use if when you are sure about the level of gentleness required for your specific skin type. Speaking of skin type, you should steer clear if you have any skin problems such as dermatitis, severe inflammation, cystic or popular acne and extreme skin sensitivity. Only use if your dermatologist gives you the green light. In conclusion, the Gua Sha face massage is a great technique to help you deal with tense muscles, especially in the face. It comes with other benefits such as reduced inflammation and wrinkles. Thousands of people are using the tool all over the world, and some are swearing by it. The best way to know if it actually works is to have an open mind and give it a try!