Types of Yoni Egg Crystals

yoni eggs

Yoni eggs are usually referred to as jade eggs. This would be because the first eggs were said to be made from the jade crystal. Currently, however, the eggs are made with a variety of rocks which give them different appearances. As far as the physical benefits are concerned, they all work the same. The differences come in when considering the spiritual benefits as well as their durability. Here are some the different types of crystals presently used to make jade eggs and their benefits:

Nephrite Jade

single yoni egg

The jade crystal has been around for a while, and with time, has gained a lot of popularity in many cultures. It is particularly prized for its beauty and toughness, making it one of the most desired crystals in the fashion industry. Traditional communities also used it n various religious and social rituals, and it was even valued more than gold in some cultures. It had a variety of uses from currency to making charms and as gifts.

The benefits of the Jade crystal as a yoni egg include the following:

  1. It helps promote emotional healing by getting rid of negativity, helping you integrate your body with your mind and generating calm energy to encourage emotional stability.
  2. The jade egg sets help with physical healing by cleaning and filtering toxins from the body. It is claimed to work well alongside the glands and kidneys to not only help the body purify itself but also facilitate quick repair of damaged tissue.
  3. It is believed to bring about wealth, success and abundance as a spiritual benefit. It has been used to create charms to bring about good fortunes to the wearer.
  4. It is popular amongst yogis and meditators who claim that it helps to unblock the heart chakra and allow a healthy emotional balance.
  5. It is considered useful in meditation as it helps to calm down the thoughts and allow one to focus.

Rose Quartz

rose quartz

The rose quartz quickly captures the eye with its beautiful rosy pink hue and translucent appearance. It was popular in traditional cultures for this beauty and was consequently used as a symbol of love and friendship. It is therefore closely associated with the heart chakra, which deals closely with feelings and relationships.

The benefits of the rose quartz are:

  1. It is closely associated with emotional healing by helping the user realize the true meaning of love and friendship. It helps one to open up to love and feel it more intensely, while also guiding them to forgive and let go of negative energies such as grudges that unsettle their emotional stability.
  2. The rose quartz is also associated with female nature. It is a physical healer that helps a woman improve her sex life, boost her fertility and get in touch with her dormant sexual side. An undrilled rose quartz yoni egg can help strengthen the heart by improving circulation and lowering high blood pressure.
  3. On the spiritual front, the rose quartz helps one attain harmony with nature and get rid of fear and mental turbulence.
  4. As mentioned earlier, the crystal is thought to work with the heart chakra to attain a peaceful state of self-realization and a new meaning of love and friendship. It helps one to understand their needs as well as those of others and learn how to give and accept. It also boosts the third-eye chakra that helps you perceive the spiritual realm on a higher perspective.
  5. The rose quartz is also helpful in meditation. It helps you empty your frustrations and negative energies while welcoming love and self-worth. It helps one to experience compassion and genuine love more intensely while letting go of ties to loss, anger and low confidence.

Black Obsidian

black obsidian

The black obsidian is also known as the volcanic glass, a name that refers to the process of its formation. It results from the reaction of the molten volcano with water which forms a beautiful black rock. The black obsidian is considered ideal for people who like a direct approach to life. It is thought to attract strong-hearted people who had rather confront the realities of life that go around them in a soft elusive manner.

The shiny reflective surface is thought to represent this direct approach to life. It encourages users to confront their realities and deal with problems head-on instead of going around them. Some of the proclaimed benefits of the black obsidian yoni egg are:

  1. It helps one to confront the dark factors of their lives, such as fear and anxiety instead of hiding away. This helps restore confidence and experience life in a fuller way.
  2. It helps one connect with three elements of nature; fire, water and earth. One can draw strength from these and use it to deal with reality, for instance, getting rid of toxic relationships.
  3. It is a physical healing agent that helps to treat digestive problems, muscle injuries, high blood pressure and heart problems.
  4. The crystal is considered a great spiritual healer that helps one get hold of their ego and separate themselves from ego-driven attitudes.  It grounds one to their true identity.

In conclusion, these are not the only three types of yoni eggs you will come across, but they are the most common. Each crystal has its benefits and works a different aspect of physical and spiritual perceptions. Other crystals available include the tiger’s eye, the carnelian and the bloodstone. Choose whichever suits your physical, emotional, spiritual and chakra needs for the best results.