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The Yoni Egg, popularly referred to as the jade egg, is a polished stone, meant to be inserted into your vagina. They are widely believed to be Chinese in origin used by concubines of the emperor for youth, sexual prowess and vitality. Yoni eggs are both practical and serve a deeper, more mystical and revealing purpose in meeting oneself through ritual.


and how do you use them? Popularly, you insert the stone into your vagina for anywhere from a few minutes to overnight — ideally, every day. If you’ve heard people talk about the benefits of healing crystals, the spiritual benefits of yoni eggs will sound familiar.


In ancient medicine, crystals and gemstones were thought to be imbued with a distinct frequency with unique energetic, healing properties.

Stone eggs can invite more wisdom, a deeper understanding of one’s self, open the heart, strengthen your vitality, creativity, or invite more playfulness, ritual and courage into your life. You can use Yoni eggs purely for practical ends such as pc or kegel exercises, or turn to the more evocative nature of sacred ritual. You may experience your heart opening to unconditional love – love of self, family, love of friends, romantic love or find yourself tapping into a deeper intuition and wisdom.

In a practical sense, kegel eggs can result in a stronger pelvic floor which in turn can promote:

more intense orgasms
stronger internal grip during intercourse
reduced symptoms of incontinence
reducing the risk of or treating uterine prolapse
reducing the risk of leakage and promoting healing after childbirth


Begin by choosing intuitively and based on your initial “pull” and then welcome your egg as your own and begin your exploration and expansion.

We have a range of single eggs, undrilled Jade eggs and drilled yoni egg sets (of 3 eggs with optional yoni wands) for sale. Each is made from unique real stones which come directly from our Yoni egg partner, hand crafted and polished.

Please note: we have had great reviews from our customers (see on product pages for more details but as a disclaimer, please purchase and use at your own discretion. We only sell them and cannot provide medical advice or substantiate health claims).