Are Yoni Eggs All They’re Cracked Up To Be?

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What’s Really Hatching? Why All The Fuss About Yoni Eggs?

The yoni egg has been surfing the wave since its online explosion when celebrities started mentioning and recommending it. It has become a trendy accessory with women, especially those who are very keen about their sexual health and wellbeing. Many sellers have seen their sales go up significantly in the past few years and they just keeping increasing as more and more women around the world rush to get themselves one or two of those. Well, let us find out what all the fuss is about and if you should get yourself on of those.

What Is A Yoni Egg?

A yoni egg is an egg-shaped stone with a smooth face that is usually carved out of various crystals and minerals. It is inserted in the vagina, often to trigger the pelvic muscles to start Kegels to hold it in place. The egg is associated with a myriad of benefits, even though scientists have proven none. The egg may come drilled for the insertion of a string or undrilled. It is also available in different sizes and from a variety of materials.

Many yoni egg merchants claim that the egg has been traced back to ancient Chinese civilization where it was mostly used by empresses and women in the royal families. It was quite popular for its numerous benefits in boosting sexual and spiritual health. 

What Are the Benefits of The Yoni Egg?

According to manufacturers, the yoni egg’s primary function is to help tighten and heal the pelvic muscles. When inserted in the vagina, the muscles contract to get a grip on it, sending them into an involuntary Kegel. When used for given periods, it is said that the muscles will gradually tighten. This may mean a firmer grip during sex which, for most people, may also mean a more enjoyable experience. 

The yoni egg is also said to help fasten healing in women who have just delivered. Considering the expected changes in the birth canal, the egg is seen as a healthy way to help them regain their initial (if not better) vaginal conditions. 

Other purported physical benefits include:

  1. It helps sexual partners enjoy sex more and attain stronger orgasms. This is also considered an ideal solution for relationships that are broken due to lack of sexual satisfaction.
  2. Reduces signs of incontinence, especially in mothers who have just delivered.

On the spiritual front, the egg has been marketed as a delight for yogis who are keen on their energies or chakras. It is said to help one connect with and strengthen their feminine energy while also converting their traumas and stress into an energy source for healing.

Now, as far as gynecologists and scientists are concerned, there is no proof that the jade egg works all these miracles. There was, in fact, a thorough review of many ancient jade objects and literature and not a single one was found to suggest that Chinese women in early civilizations actually used the egg.

Yoni Egg Sizes

The yoni egg sets comes in a variety of sizes, depending on the manufacturer. On the regular, however, the three most common sizes would be large, medium and small.

The large yoni egg is particularly recommendable for moms who have just given birth. It is also ideal for older women such as those in their fifties and above. The medium egg is the most common size as it is designed for use by most women. The small egg is recommendable for experts who have had extensive training in Kegels, vaginal weight lifting and yoni yoga.

You may also choose your yoni egg size depending on other factors such as your natural predisposition, your comfort and the fragility of your vagina. It is recommendable that you don’t pick a yoni egg that is too big as the results may be counterproductive. If the yoni egg is too small, it may fail to hold or stay in place and fall out, especially during exercise.

Different Yoni Egg Crystals and Benefits

Yoni eggs are made from different crystals. Some manufacturers offer a variety, and others sell eggs made from one type of crystal. Some of the most common include amethyst, quartz, turquoise, aquamarine, jade, obsidian and bloodstone. 

In terms of physical functionality, there really isn’t that much difference between any two of these crystals. Spiritual wise, however, it is worth noting that yogis and people who practice meditation associate each kind of stone with a specific chakra. 

For instance, the carnelian crystal is closely associated with the sacral chakra, which is believed to connect to sexual and reproductive organs. It is therefore considered an ideal choice for anyone who feels that their sacral chakra is blocked. It is supposed to help one reconnect with their feminine energy and open up to feel real intimacy.

In conclusion, the jade egg receives tons of support as well as opposition. Many women swear by its purported benefits while most scientists and doctors firmly oppose it, seeing as there is no scientific proof that it works. We can, therefore, safely say that the key to finding out is having an open mind. It is, however, vital that you get clearance from your doctor to use a yoni egg or even do any yoni yoga or exercises. If not handled well, the egg can easily jeopardize your sexual health by not only injuring you and wearing out your muscles but also by causing infections and life-threatening conditions.