Get Celebrity Tone With This Kayla Itsines 3 Min Workout

kayla itsines

It’s no secret that Kayla Itsines is in incredible shape and has built her Instagram celebrity status from her training programs and hard work. With over 7 million followers on Instagram, she has to be doing something right!

Now we all love Kayla Itsines for her impeccable workouts and making it look so effortless but sometimes the discipline can throw us off. However, this workout regime is a perfect balance to get in shape quickly without having to spend hours and hours at the gym. It is very straight forward and easy to adopt in your everyday life, so you can have more energy and spend it on the things which matter most to you. 

This workout for women is especially effective in targeting the abs, however, you will also get more toned arms from these exercises, if you do them consistently. It’s not how hard we train, it’s how regularly we can do it. So, if you take your body seriously and recognise it’s worth committing to, then this workout will fit you perfectly. Remember it’s about doing something which is manageable and let’s face it, everyone can spare 3 minutes a day to work towards a healthier lifestyle and tone up.

Whether you are a busy mom or just busy as most of us are these days, this is a regime worth committing to. It’s quite a simple and basic routine and if you want to intensify any workout for your arms, you do raises over your head in between leg raises. This is an insiders tip only for the brave (try it with weights for a heavier burn). 

As a side note, Kayla Itsine is an Australian born personal trainer who has successfully leveraged the power of social media to scale her business. She addressed the primary pain points for most women when she was leading women through exercises in her Adelaide based gym early on. Namely, she noticed that women wanted “smaller inner thighs, flatter abdomens, and more toned arms”. This video is a perfect example of how she has promoted simple yet effective exercises that address what women really want. 



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