Clothing Guide For Yoga Classes

yaw apparel team

What to wear to different yoga classes

Every type of yoga you might opt for requires the appropriate yoga wear. The following are suggestions on what to wear for different types of yoga sessions.

Hot yoga

With heat cranked up to 35 degrees, get ready to sweat during hot yoga sessions. For hot yoga sessions, avoid shorts! Instead go for tight-fitting leggings. This is to avoid sweating in shorts which only make your legs wet. Also, it’s best for you to put on a close-fitting tank top or sports bra. Don’t try adorning oversized t-shirts that may fall down during some yoga poses like downward facing dog. Completely avoid 100 percent cotton tops which will absorb sweat and become sweaty. Get yourself apparel made of wicking athletic fabrics. They will help you feel cool and dry.

Hatha yoga

This is a gentle form of yoga that’s ideal for beginners. It incorporates single, stress-relieving poses like chair pose, cat cow, warrior one, and warrior two. For his type of yoga, wear anything that makes you comfortable. It could be form-fitting yoga pants or just lose flannel drawstring pants. Whichever your choice, select something easy that lets you move within your limits.

Ashtanga yoga

This is an athletic and quick-paced type of yoga. It involves deep stretching and twisting poses, using straps and blocks. If you are going for this session, ensure you wear lightweight yoga pants. These should be ideally made of sweat-wicking fabric like polypropylene – which is used to make most yoga pants. Also put on a fitted tank that will stay put as you move. With this routine, there is a lot of twisting that also involves holding tough poses for long periods of time. A flexible pair of pants ensures you are not restricted in any way. A good example of yoga wear for this is Booty Bouncers.

Bikram yoga

This is usually done in a room that is over 35 degrees Celsius in temperature. The classes are 90 minutes long and consist of 26 super deep stretches. You therefore, should wear something that you can work out in on a hot summer day. You should think more of mesh, lightweight tanks, bike shorts, and sports bras. Steer clear of cotton and anything that’s bound to soak in sweat and become a heavy weight over your back.

Power / Flow / Vinyasa yoga

The word vinyasa means “breath synchronized movements”. It is made up of a series of poses that flow in line with your breath in a dance-like way. If this is what you choose to go for when it comes to yoga, be prepared to make lots of movements, less holding poses, and lots of sun salutations. Ensure you wear a sports bra and a breathable, fitting outfit that won’t get tangled around you once you become sweaty. However, avoid putting anything too tight that might hinder your ease of breath.

Yin yoga

In yin yoga, the instructor will take you through a series of deep, slow stretches. These long holds require that you’re flexible and have endurance. What you need for this kind of session is a pair of super-stretchy yoga leggings. A perfect example is Volition-Compression Leggings. What you are looking for here is comfort and flexibility of fabric.

With the right attire, Yoga is simply incredible!