Activewear Brand Reviews

For people looking for the perfect gear for your workout session, here are 5 of the top activewear brands in Australia.

Just a quick note though, when shopping YAW, you will find very competitive products compared to the below; however, (besides us!) here are our top picks – we share the love where it’s due!


If you’re looking for the perfect blend of modern fashion and traditional yoga wear, then Onzie is exactly what you’re looking for! Most of its users have found it flattering, flexible and functional. It comes in a design featuring free-flowing fabric that is both durable and breathable. Talk of a fast-drying fabric that keeps your body cool, dry and comfortable. This piece of activewear is bound to leave you feeling supported inside out. Yoga instructors and fashion-forward yoginis love this US brand for its functionality. This elegant brand is available online for as little as $38.00.


The Lululemon yoga wear is exactly where style converges with function. These workout essentials for men and women are so soft, you won’t want to take them off. If you’re in for a sweaty workout session, Lululemon is a must have! It is made with sweat-wicking materials to keep you cool, long after your yoga session. This Canadian apparel is so street friendly in a style that you can leave the gym and go on errands without worrying about what to wear. You can find them online for prices as low as $42.00. Customer review? All positive reviews!


Thinking about cute yoga pants? Think Teeki! If you have an active lifestyle, these are the pants for you. They are designed with a low and sexy waistband. And so you may know, they do not show your camel toe. Teeki yoga wear is also good for walking on the streets after your yoga session. Their unique design allows for a four-way stretch that makes for the perfect gym gear. They are made out of recycled materials which are surprisingly flexible, breathable, and sweat resistant. Teeki yoga wear is a US brand but available online for as low as $48.00.

Dharma Bums 

If you are an active yoga enthusiast, you must have already heard of the Dharma Bums brand. This brand comes in Kaleidoscope Full-Length style with topping just below the belly button. Surprisingly, they have a wide band that makes them comfortable to wear. It’s made of a soft fabric that is not of the see-through kind. This works well in all kinds of environments, whether hot or cold. If you are looking for a pair of functional pants that is also attractively colourful, Dharma Bums yoga wear is all you need. This Australian made activewear is designed to enhance your yoga practice and assist you achieve true Dharma Bum status. Its leggings and tops are available online for as little as $40.00.

Divine goddess

If you are looking for yoga gear that is comfortable, robust and one you’ll look great in, Divine Goddess is just the brand for you. The makers of this brand put yoga at the heart of everything they do. They are not just makers but are also Australia’s leading retailers of Yoga clothing, products, and jewellery. Their range of products includes yoga pants, yoga tops, yoga mats, props, and accessories. It is created with natural fibres to allow easy movement of your body so that it’s flexible. Divine Goddess yoga wear is made so that it doesn’t expose too much with every twist of your yoga workout. Get Divine Goddess products for as little as $79.00 online.

Get any products from the above brands and you’ll forever be grateful in your Yoga sessions!