5 Ways To Beat Phone Addiction

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Does misplacing or having your phone a little away from you trigger a sense of panic? Well, it happens with most of us. Our phones have become our partner in crime and not having it around can lead some of us into a full blown panic attack. And let’s face it, this is definitely not normal. High phone usage leads to low productivity at work, high irritability and even loss of sleep. Here are 5 ways of reducing this obsession and becoming more involved with our surroundings:

1. Don’t use your phone while you are out with friends or family

While it may seem important to have your phone around at all times, it is simply bad manners to stick to your phone while your friends or associates are speaking with you. Instead, change the phone settings to silent mode, put it in your pocket and concentrate on the conversation that is taking place. If at an event, listen to the speaker or just experience the performances as they are happening. Sounds simple but take the challenge… Experience the joys of life and connect with people on a real, personal level.

2. Limit your phone usage

If possible, time your phone usage and try to put a limit on the usage. Don’t be too harsh on yourself and ban the use but try to decrease it slowly. Apps like QualityTime for Android users and Moment for iOS users help in calculating the time that you have been surfing on the phone. Try to reduce Facebook and Instagram surfing time and utilize it more sensibly.

3. Turn Off Phone Notifications

Every notification on your phone from various apps either lights up your screen or rings a bell. This triggers an urge in you to grab your phone and check. To fight this, turn off the notification. This will let you concentrate on the work that you are doing and reduce your smartphone surfing. Other than that, you can limit the calls that you receive on the phone and allow only certain callers to call you.

4. Ditch the mobile alarm clock

Most of us end up spending anything between 20 minutes to an hour checking the phone notifications early in the morning. To avoid this, don’t use your phone alarm clock. As soon as the alarm rings, you get up and start browsing through the notifications. And because your phone is doubling up as an alarm clock, you will have to keep it close. A real alarm clock will help you stay away from your phone for a while.

5. Keep your phone at home when you go out to walk or exercise

When you go out for a walk, use your iPod for songs and not your phone. Leave it at your home. Allow yourself to feel the cool breeze and the joys of nature and enjoy your time with yourself. This will help you be calm and life will feel simpler. You can always go to the gym and leave your phone at home. For the right gym clothes for women, check out our options on YAW Apparel. 

Smartphones have made our lives easier but at a much heavier cost than we are aware of. Reboot your life and live simpler today.